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Hello Burners Everywhere,poster-final-proof

The Party was a year ago, but it feels like yesterday. Really! Well, after many dirty diapers (my son's), and tons of revisions here it is! So, to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the 10th Anniversary of the cult classic Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man -- I welcome you!
I hope you enjoy your time here - make sure you check out the Q & A section, there are lots of great moments with Larry Harvey, Marian, Tom and Christine. Please do not hesitate to pass the link to anyone you know who wants to learn more about Burning Man.
And as they say, Next Year At Black Rock City!
David Vaisbord
The 10th Anniversary DVD Release Party of
Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man

The Event took place on May 10, 2008
Hosted by the film's producer/director David Vaisbord,

with Special Guests:

Larry Harvey – Founder & Executive Director of The Burning Man Project
Marian Goodell – Mistress of Communications for The Burning Man Project
Tom Comet – Master Pyro-artist, Danger Boy and leading man of the movie.
Christine Taylor – Canada’s comedic treasure and the heroine of the movie.
It was Larry Harvey’s first visit to Canada and his first opportunity to meet Vancouver’s Burning Man Community. Immediately following the screening of the film, Larry Harvey, Marian Goodell, Tom Comet, Christine Taylor & David Vaisbord took the stage to answer questions about Burning Man and the film.
To view them click Q&A with Larry Harvey or the blue box to the right.
Following the Q&A was an evening of revelry and debauchery, fuelled by great food & drink, fire, and the inspiration of Vancouver's Burner Community.
Check out:
Clips from the film on The Movie & The DVD pages.
And Party Highlights, including ,
The Playa Fashion Show, appearances by Little Woo
The Mondo Spider,
And Christine Taylor and "Vince" of the Legion of Flying Monkeys.


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